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What is the Health insurance premium for a person aged over 70 years who wishes to migrate to Australia?

It  depends upon the age, location and your visa status in Australia. For all migrants, who come to Australia as a permanent resident, they get health benefits from the government as Medicare.

As part of the Medicare, the government assists them with basic medical facilities at government hospitals. But, to keep yourself covered by all means, migrants in Australia also opt for private health insurance.

There are a number of private Health insurance schemes from a variety of providers. All feature different coverage options, with some geared specifically for people who have migrated to settle in Australia. Private health insurance provides migrants with benefits not covered as part of Medicare. The premium for private health insurance is dependent upon your age and location in Australia.

Another criteria for a health plan is to look at the facilities that are part of your health insurance policy. If you are migrating to Australia at NSW, looking to buy medical premiums, your age is over 70 years, then you would likely be paying the premium between AUD210 and AUD340 per month for a single person depending upon the plan that they choose.

If you are migrating to Australia as a couple and both of your age is over 70 then the premium for the insurance will be somewhere between AUD300 and AUD670 per month depending upon the health plan.

Some of the best insurance companies providing private health insurance policies are BUPA, Medibank, Allianz, TIO and more. It’s always a good idea to bring any medical records for you and your family with you when you migrate to Australia.






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