How To Improve The PTE Score Efficiently And Easily?

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If you plan to move abroad for higher studies, you need to start preparing in the right direction. The best and most important step, to begin with, is to start preparing for the English language proficiency tests. The Pearson Test of English Language (PTE) is also one such language test that has gained popularity amongst the students seeking to move abroad for further studies. It is because PTE is a computer-based exam with many test dates available throughout the year. 

Students who pass the PTE exam will be able to pursue their higher education goals at some of the world’s most prestigious international universities. However, some of the applicants are not aware of how to properly prepare for the test. 

And hence, we have got you the top 5 tips that can help you improve your PTE academic score. Make sure to check these out, and if there are still any queries, then our study abroad consultants in Bhopal are always ready to guide you.

Develop English Listening Skills

PTE Academic exam candidates will hear a live lecture voice in British and American accents during the examination. As a non-native English speaker, it’s a little hard to follow the live lecture. As a result, you need to be prepared and familiar with American and British English accents. Here are some ideas to get you started:

You can consider listening to some interesting and motivational podcast sessions available on the internet. Make sure that native speakers speak these from America and British. This practice will make you grasp quickly and more powerful.

Start watching English movies, and you will be able to get in coordination with the British and American accents. 

Boost Your Vocabulary Skills

Below are some important tips that you need to remember to enhance your vocabulary skills and improve your PTE score. 

  • Make a Habit of Reading: Reading is the most effective practice if you want to improve your vocabulary. Take the initiative and begin reading anything that piques your interest, making sure that you comprehend the meaning of what you read. Your ability to explore your vocabulary in the English language will grow as you read more. Take note of any difficult words you encounter while reading the newspaper, a magazine, an article on the internet, or your favorite novel. Then, incorporate these words into your daily routine.
  • Play Word Games: The task of playing a word game is both beneficial and challenging for improving one’s vocabulary. The process of remembering difficult words becomes enjoyable and memorable. You can play games like crossword puzzles, jumble, and scrabble to expand your vocabulary.


Get Yourself Acquainted with the Test Format

Knowing the test format and the types of questions is critical to achieving a better overall score on the examination. Improving your overall score requires that you do the following:

  • Familiarizing yourself with listening, reading, speaking & writing
  • Make sure that you know all these important details
  • Quantity: What is the total number of parts included in the test? How many questionnaires are there?
  • Layout: What is the layout of the PTE test?
  • Question Types: When each question appears on the screen, how does it look? What are the tasks that must be completed? What abilities are being evaluated? What criteria are used to evaluate responses?
  • Instructions: What tasks are required for each question type? What method is used to record responses?

Improve Your Writing Skills

You will be given two types of questions for this task: one that asks you to summarize a written text in one sentence and another that asks you to write an essay. To develop strong writing skills in the English language, some students struggle to do so. This section will find some useful tips mentioned by the study abroad consultants Bhopal for your PTE writing exam.

  • Examine the subject and become familiar with the style of presentation.
  • It is not necessary to use bullet points when writing an essay.
  • Write in a logical, paragraph-based format.
  • Please refrain from using jargon words.

Those were the 4 best tips to improve your PTE academic score.  Combining your hard work and these tips will certainly increase your chances of getting the desired PTE score.

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