Latest updates in the UK Admission process- Credibility Interviews

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With the latest updates in the UK Admission process during these uncertain times, UKVI and Universities are adapting to a few major changes in their application and visa processes.

The UKVI has become strict towards Credibility Interviews with the University and source of funds which were maintained for 28 days to be shown for CAS are some of the major observations.

The student may also be asked about the source of Funds at the time of the interview with UKVI (if applicable)

It is very important and beneficial that the student is completely prepared for the credibility interview with the University.

Below are some of the aspects on which the student is accessed:

  • How well the student has researched to study in the UK
  • Why the UK and no other countries
  • Why this University and this course
  • Who are the sponsors
  • Tie up with home country
  • Course Modules
  • Career Plans
  • Accommodation
  • Any dependents, etc.

During the interview with the University or with UKVI, when asked for the source of Funds which were maintained for 28 days, the student should be able to clearly justify his/her sources of the deposits that were used to prepare Fixed Deposit or Savings in the Savings Bank account.

In the case of an education loan, what was the mortgage used to secure the Loan?

If there have been any major recent deposits in the sponsors’ savings accounts recently, then they may be asked about the sources of these deposits. The same is applicable if the student’s sponsors have Fixed Deposits that were prepared recently.

Some useful information or tips that can be used for the latest updates in the UK Admission process:

  1. Rely on Education Loan
  2. If the amount is maintained in a savings bank account, start to prepare for funds a bit earlier. Deposit the amount in the student account 1 and a half to 2 months earlier. Start building the required amount gradually, do not deposit a huge amount at once. Make sure that the required amount is matured when required.

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