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 Study Abroad Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic?

Online Learning

At Visa Connection, our team believes in the immeasurable worth of Studying abroad. However, we also recognize that the recent break out of the coronavirus (COVID-19) will certainly impact several students studying during their current phase of worldwide higher education possibilities.

We have actually considered over 7,400 reactions from potential and also current international students to help them and also assist you to understand exactly how opinions; perspectives; and also new realities are shaping research abroad.

The desire to study overseas is still to live and alive. Just 5.4% of potential students plan to terminate their study abroad plans to take into account COVID-19. Our database of students largely interested in in-person student possibilities is currently delighting the concept of gaining an education at an international level electronically. Students who informed us they were mostly thinking about in-person (or classroom) courses are currently considering getting their levels online or distance learning due to COVID-19. 45.2% of prospective students would now be interested in researching their program essentially as an option.

Although aspiring students are interested in doing their learning online; their worries pertaining to the quality; acknowledgment of an online degree weigh heavily on them. There has been little change in reaction from the overseas student concerning their study abroad intends between March 16th & April 22nd.

Distance Learning

Establishments are responding quickly to the increasing needs for online study abroad program choices for the international student area; with 85.1% of present trainees surveyed claiming they are now taking courses online due of COVID-19.

91.7% of existing students evaluated are, since yet, not terminating their studies entirely. Simply over 31% are continuing with their higher studies, whether that’s on university or distance learning colleges in some ability. Still, there appears to be a great uncertainty among trainees with over 40% still not sure what they must do in COVID-19. Our company believes that; for the international student neighborhood; there are still so many unknown variables concerning its impact on strategies.







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