UK Student Visa Credibility Interview

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The UK Student Visa Credibility Interview

A UK student visa credibility interview, a common interview process undertaken UK universities to recognize the best and genuine students. It is a simulation interview process of a visa interview conducted by the UKVI. Credibility interviews are now part of the Tier 4 visa application process.

During the interview, you will be asked questions about

Background Check ( yourself and your achievements)
Immigration history
The studies you are planning to undertake in the UK
Are the modules that you are going to study?
Why you chose the University and your course
Reasons you choose to study in the UK
What are the Entry Requirements of the Course for which the student has applied?
Your IELTS/PTE score?
Does this fit into your career aspirations?
How many universities did you apply to? Have you applied to any other institution for the same program in the UK?
What are the job opportunities in India after finishing this program?
Is this course available in India?
If available in India then where and what are the average tuition fees?
Financial Viability like what is your course fees, any education loan
How do you intend to fund your studies in the UK
What facilities are provided by the university
How much is the rent, how far from university or how you will travel to university?


You might send an email asking you to attend an interview as part of the application process. Should check your email.

Need to confirm your attendance using the completed Reply Form before the deadline stated on the UKVI’s letter. Please remember to bring the original signed forms to your interview.

Interviews take place when you attend a visa application center to give your biometric information. A Home Office member of staff will ask you about your course; where you want to study and your reasons for studying in the UK, and how you will finance your study.

Interviews are conducted in English and possibly via video link. The Entry Clearance Officer must satisfied that you are a genuine student and your English language ability is at the correct level; otherwise you might be called for a further interview; your entry clearance application may be refused.

UK Student Visa Credibility Interview Some Don’ts for you

• Don’t read from notes
• Give vague or general answers. Be logical
• Tell extra information than what is asked
• Don’t quote the living expense when asked about living expenses. Tell the exact amount only when it is asked how much funds you need to show.






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