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UK Student Visa

Uk student visa updates 2020 for Visa applications and Immigration for September 20 intake. As per UKVI latest Policy change:- now students have to Fill and Provide a form called Public Health Passenger Locator form before 48 hours of travel time Student has
to fill the form and get it to download and print a copy of the same or can carry a Photo of the same in Mobile at Immigration check-in point.
Important news for UK student visa updates, Visa applications and Immigration to the UK for September 20 intake
Purpose of the form is for UKVI authority to Locate or keep track of the student because of COVID-19 pandemic.

So now the student has to book his/her accommodation in the UK for 14 days Quarantine could it be a Hotel and retain the payment confirmation receipt which will be asked or
checked at the time of immigration point before 48 hours travel time and same accommodation details have to fill in the Travel form. Without which study or anybody is not allowed to travel to the UK.

You may be fined up to £100 if you refuse to provide your contact details, or more if you break this rule more than once. You also may not be allowed to enter the UK (unless you’re either British or a UK resident).

If you develop coronavirus symptoms

Do not travel if you have coronavirus symptoms.

If you develop coronavirus symptoms when you’re travelling to the UK, tell the crew or driver on your plane, ferry, train or bus. They’ll tell the staff in the airport, port or station, so they can tell you what you should do next when you arrive.

The government will use this information to contact you if you or someone you’ve travelled with develops coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms.

If you need to self-isolate for the first 14 days after you arrive in the UK, the government will also use the information to check that you’re self-isolating.

If you’re travelling Uk as a student with other people

Uk Student visa updates 2020 for You and the people you’re travelling with must all complete a separate form.

If you’re travelling with someone under 18 years old, they do not need their own form if you:

  • will arrive and leave together
  • will stay at the same UK address
  • add their details into your form

If you will enter the UK more than once in 48 hours

You can include multiple journeys in your form if you will enter the UK more than once in 48 hours, for example, if you’re a haulier or crew member.

Who does not need to complete the form

You do not need to complete the form if you’re travelling from one of the following places, and you were there for 14 days or more:

  • Ireland
  • the Channel Islands
  • the Isle of Man

There are other reasons why you might not need to complete the form.

For UK student visa update 2020 you’ll need:

  • your passport details
  • the name of the airline, train or ferry company you’re travelling with
  • the name of the company organising your tour group – if you’re travelling as part of a tour group
  • your booking reference
  • the name of the airport, port or station you’ll be arriving into
  • the date you’ll be arriving
  • your flight, train, bus or ferry number
  • the address you’ll be staying at for your first 14 days in the UK
  • details of someone who can be contacted if you get ill while you’re in the UK

Study in UK

UK study visa update 2020 for the September  intake is that the student now has to mention the “Name and Address of Agent or Visa Consultant who has assisted you with your application” in the Visa Application Form Additional Questionnaire for PBS Tier-4 (Student – General) visa at the Visa Application Centre.

Note: After Uk Student visa update 2020 Student has to fill the form their own.
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